• ...bare naked Wealth: ALTA for speculators

    ...bare naked Wealth: ALTA for speculators

    This report contains 17 pages of forecasts for crypto-currencies, gold, silver, real estate, fiat currencies.
    This report is for speculators only. By this we mean that you have "i'm feeling stupid today" money. By this we mean
    "i have money to piss away now that i have stopped drinking my brain to guacamole."

    If you qualify, we have the ...bare naked Wealth report. This report is produced using the same techniques and technology as the ALTA reports, having the singular focus on personal wealth speculation in the form of crypto-currencies, precious metals, and real estate. This report covers bitcoin, and a number of the alt currencies, though not all by any means. These forecasts are focused on these next 12 turbulent months and represent probabilities for speculators to consider.

    There are no warrantees nor refunds offered on this information. As with all our work, diligence was taken to provide
    a very tightly focused discussion of the data gathered by our process. The 'thin-ness' of the
    data for crypto-currencies necessarily means that any errors may be disproportionately large.
    Recent successful forecasts for Bitcoin and ETH
    aside, this information is not guaranteed.

    Note this is a PDF (written) ALTA report in the original format.
    The range of this report is from May 2017 through to the end of 2018.

    This report is in the newer, more readable format.
    The price for this report is set at $99.00 US.

    Pdf written text only:

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