• Warning to Woo-Woo! Google's War against Words!

    Warning to Woo-Woo! Google's War against Words!


    Published on Dec 4, 2016
    Warning to woo-woo! Google aiming at Alt-right has hit woo-woo square in jaw!
    All alternative media may be at risk!
    Be aware of what is going on in your search engine results!
    Warning attack on alt-right media hits woo-woo!

    Google, in an attempt to deal with 'fake news' which is really 'stuff too real for our sleeping population to accept, in our opinion' is changing some of their algorithms that deal with the display of results.

    If your site is NOT alt-right, or woo-woo, you need to take steps to watch the words that google is banning or associating with the alt-right such that you don't get swept up by the new digital fascists who may think you are, like us, a digital untouchable!